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Jenny Barreau Passion for Real Estate begin with her genuine love for Texas, family, Culture Diversity. Committed to being a full-Service agent to Represent Distinct Real Estate Investment in TX. From Ranches, Horse Farms, Land, Lake front Properties, Jenny love and passion for the State of Texas shines through in all she does. Jenny is family Oriented, A Wife, Believer and Twin Mommy to 2 Precious Twin girls. Ready to guide every step of the way everyone she represents. She believes and aim to build unforgettable experiences and legacy of Trust for generation to come.

Jenny Barreau

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Speaks, English Spanish, French, Creole


When it comes to crafting horse barns for clients, one size definitely does not fit all. Depending on your location, the number of horses you plan to stable, and the function of your horse barn, it’s likely you’ll need an equestrian facility designed specifically around your needs. This is where I come in! With the help of guiding, you to your project coordinator and our expert designers, you have the ability to transform your ideas into a unique horse barn that perfectly suits your lifestyle and embodies your vision. Additionally, they work with America’s best suppliers of windows, doors, and equestrian hardware to provide you with the highest quality building materials available, so you can design an equestrian facility that is both horse-safe and tailored to your personality and style. I can show you their design inspiration, to take a look at some of the equestrian facilities they’ve created for their clients to get a better idea of what the Builder can craft for you.

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whether it's a two-stall barn to a twenty-stall boarding facility, i can help you find Architects to build your one-of-a-kind project. With their relationships with some of the nation’s most respected equine architects and their own in-house design team, they deliver all-custom turnkey barn and arena packages that meet your unique needs.


If given the opportunity, it’s safe to say most equestrian enthusiasts would turn their love of caring for horses into a full-time job. With an equestrian facility designed to host a boarding business, horse owners have the chance to make this dream a reality and turn it into a profitable business. If you’re interested in opening a horse boarding facility on your property contact Agent 631-961-6126

Enjoy what all Properties has to offer. Grounded in charm and exuding warmth, you will feel instantly transported to your own tranquil retreat.

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